Hi Ilkay,

You might be able to change variables in ptII/mk/ptII.mk for 
MacOSX.  You could also update configure, but that takes a little
doing.  If you tell me what variables you change, we can
iterate offline on getting configure.in updated.

I don't have a Mac on which to test the Matlab code.

In general, JNI is rather difficult to get working, so it could
be a big time sink.  How I would work on this is by looking at
the tests in $PTII/jni/test/.  If you can get 
    cd $PTII/jni/test;
to work, then JNI will be working and you can focus on the Matlab

I'm dumbfounded that someone somewhere decided that Java should have a
different layout on the Mac than under Linux, Solaris and Windows.
The fact that Java files are in different locations on just MacOS
makes cross platform configuration difficult.  Maybe this critical
shortcoming in the port to MacOS has been solved, but last I looked it
was a mess.


    I've just tried configuring Ptolemy in order to use the Matlab actor  
    in Ptolemy II  on a MacOSX version 10.4.11. It doesn't configure  
    because of the different Java directory configuration on Mac Java.
    I was wondering if anyone tried rewriting the Matlab configuration  
    script on MacOSX before to map the directories in the script to the  
    MacOSX java directories. If not, do you think it's worth trying?
    Ilkay ALTINTAS
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