I'm building a system with some command-line user inputs.  I'm aware of
the InteractiveShell actor but for my purposes it alone is not
sufficient because it sends a token each time the user presses 'Enter'.
The commands for what I want to make will be complex enough that
entering them all in one line will be unwieldy so I want the user to
enter 4-5 commands which get rolled into one output token.  I also
probably want the user to be able to enter a command that won't get sent
out but instead prompt the shell to display options.  


I haven't found any other shell actors so my probable course is to build
a custom helper actor with connections both ways to the
InteractiveShell; so if the user types a "help" command this custom
actor will send the proper options back to the interactiveShell, and the
custom actor will store the user responses until all the relevant info
is collected and send out the aggregate command.  I was wondering if
there is any alternative to InteractiveShell that can take care of all
or some of these tasks for me.





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