Dear Community,
I'd like to export some Ptolemy actors to the Kepler platform (for instance,
PythonScript actor). Well, use Ptolemy actors within Kepler.  I found a
solution in Ptolemy website (using Tools/Instantiate component in the Kepler
platform, see below) but it doesn't work.

Could anyone explain me an alternative way to do that? I guess I could get
the actor jar file from the Ptolemy and then read it with Kepler, couldn't
I? Do I have to install Ptolemy just for that? Can I get the jar file
without installing Ptolemy?

Thanks a lot,

Josep Maria,

By the way, thanks to those who answered my previous email in relation to
PerlScript actor. I'll work it out! Thanks,

"Concerning using Ptolemy actors within Kepler, Norbert Podhorszki writes:
If you find a Ptolemy actor useful, just remember its class name (e.g. In Kepler, "Tools/Instantiate Component" menu
allows you to type in the class name, which will put an actor instance on
your canvas just as dragging one from the actor tree.

The ptolemy jar is stored in the kepler.jar, so you have access to any
Ptolemy actors and directors.

If you want to use a director not in Kepler tree, you have to use the
"Tools/Instantiate Attribute" menu. I use it to get a DDF director
frequently (class

I suppose, you can create a kar file for any ptolemy actor just as for
kepler actors, if you want to add some of them into the Kepler actor tree."
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