Hi Rao,

> 1. Is there a project file for eclipse that I can import and build
> for ptII-7.0?

http://chess.eecs.berkeley.edu/ptexternal includes how to get started.
Eclipse instructions are at

> 2.    Is there a similar project file for Jbuilder Enterprise-2005?

We don't have JBuilder infrastructure

> 3.    I am looking for a consolidated project file with all the needed
> libraries

I think the Eclipse instructions will help.  The basic version
of Ptolemy will build without downloading much more than Java.
See $PTII/doc/install.htm

> 4.    I am not using CVS.

We have regular tar snapshots on
It looks like the links are broken, I'll take a look.

In the short term, please try Ptolemy II 7.0.beta

> 5.    Is there a build.xml file for 7.0 that I can use with ant?

We don't supply an ant build.xml file for Ptolemy.
The Kepler project has a build-ptolemy.xml file that works for
them, though I find it a little copy-happy - it seems to copy
lots of files around.

> 6.    Has anyone tried to export ptII-7.0 project to an ant build file
> (in eclipse)?

I have not tried it.  Locally, we use configure and make so that
we can determine what extensions are available etc.  

> 7.    If I am not interested in some domains (or code generation for
> example) is there an easier way to pick only (e.g. DE domain alone) the
> required?

We try to keep the domains and other parts fairly modular.

In make, you can edit the makefiles, for example

Ptolemy has a runtime configuration system that can be used to make
only certain domains visible at runtime.

>From the command line, try
$PTII/bin/vergil -ptiny
to get just SDF, DE and other well defined domains, it does
not include code generation.

You can also exclude directories within Eclipse.


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