Dear ptolemy-hackers,
When I send 4 packets (tokens) in a loop and propagationSpeed of
PowerLossChannel is *200* or *5000000* for example,
only one message will receive by others (last one),
but when I set propagationSpeed  to *Infinity* anything is ok.
what's the problem?
This is the source:

*for* (*int* j=0; j<4; j++)
*if* (minID[j]!=0)
HorizontalGeoUpdateSensorMessage msgH = *new*HorizontalGeoUpdateSensorMessage();
msgH.toSensorID = minID[j]; = j;
msgH.sourceActorID = actorID;
msgH.actorPoint = myLoc;
msgH.previousPoint = myLoc;
msgH.messageNumber = messageNumber;
msgH.hopCount = 1;
msgOutPort.send(0, *new* ObjectToken(msgH));

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