Hello Christopher,

I would kindly like to ask if there is a plan of producing a new VIPTOS
version to match either ptolemy 7 or tinyos-2.x (or both).

Well, I took some time off trying to run VIPTOS on ptolemy 7. My ptinyos works
just fine, my cvs tinyos-1.x installation seems to work much better than the
one of the source compilation... so I stopped for a while to see what happens.

I am really very interested in ptolemy and VIPTOS. They seem to be powerful
tools. Gongratulations on your work.

In conclusion, I will be very glad if I hear some day an announcement about
VIPTOS next version.

Thank you very much for your support so far, 

Eva Kolega 
PHd student
National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Christopher Brooks <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said:

> Hi Eva,
> In Ptolemy, when you have a stack trace, you can easily grab the 
> contents of the error message by doing the following:
> 1) Click on the "Display Stack Trace" button
> 2) Use the mouse to highlight the text by clicking the left
> button and dragging the mouse
> 3) Type Control-C to copy the text
> 4) Paste the stack trace into an email message.
> The JPG you sent reads:
> --start--
> Running "make -C
> /usr/local/src/ptII7.0.1/ptolemy/domains/ptinyos/demo/SendAndReceiveCnt/output
> -f _SendAndReceiveCnt_InWireless_CntToLedsAndRfm_CntToLedsAndRfm.0.mk
> ptII" returned '2' which is a nonzero value
> Output:
> make: Entering directory
> '/usr/local/src/ptII7.0.1/ptolemy/domains/ptinyos/demo/SendAndReceiveCnt/outpu;
> mkdir -p build/ptII
>   compiling _SendAndRec...
> --end--
> Error code 2 usually means that when make ran a subcommand, the
> subcommand returned a 2, which /usr/include/sys/errno.h defines as "No
> such file or directory".  I've also seen this error when Ptolemy
> cannot find the make executable, though this usually happens under
> Windows, not Linux.
> The way to debug the above is to try running the make program by hand
> with the arguments from the error message and then determine exactly
> from where the error code 2.
> Also, make sure that step 12 of the installation notes:
> works
> --start--
> 12. See if you have installed TinyOS 1.x and nesC correctly:
> cd $TOSROOT/apps/Blink
> make pc
> ./build/pc/main.exe 1
> The Blink application should successfully compile. When running the
> executable, you should see TOSSIM output. See
> $TOSROOT/doc/tutorial/lesson5.html or the online version of tutorial
> lesson 5 for more information.
> --end--
> Also, you might try using Ptolemy II 6.0 instead of 7.0.  I have not
> tried Viptos with Ptolemy II 7.0.
> Getting TinyOS to work with Ptolemy is tricky, I suggest using exactly
> the versions of the software that we document as working on the
> installation page, which is Ptolemy II 6.0, not 7.0.1.  For example,
> instead of downloading tinyos-1.x from CVS, try.
> http://ptolemy.berkeley.edu/viptos/viptos1.0/tinyos-1.x-2007-01-17.zip
> You might also try installing Viptos under Windows by following the
> instructions at
> _Christopher
> --------
>     Hello everybody once again. 
>     I 've managed to run viptos up to a point (without errors that is).
>     However, when I run a demo I get the attached error.
>     I installed tinyos-1.x from the cvs, then I created the MoML libraries
>     corresponding to the Dec 2005 TinyOS RPM release.
>     After that, I created momlapp which contains the MoML applications.
>     I set the relevant env variables for PTII, TOSROOT, TOSDIR, 
>    T.
>     I ran configure, make, make install in $PTII. 
>     The rest of the required S/W is already installed, as I have tinyos-2.x
>     running ok on my machine. As a result, nesc is installed in 
> /usr/local/bin 
>    and
>     it is operational. 
>     I still have the error: "make -c return -2", which is an error code.
>     Could I have any suggestion please??
>     I can't believe that it is so difficult for me to fully run viptos. 
>     What do I miss again??
>     I would appreciate any answer.
>     Thanks in advance, 
>     Eva Kolega 
>     Phd student
>     National Technical University of Athens, Greece
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