I've converted the Ptolemy II CVS repository to Subversion.

I was able to check out a clean read/write Ptolemy tree using svn

 svn checkout svn+ssh://source.eecs.berkeley.edu/home/svn/chess/ptII/trunk
 mv trunk ptII
 cd ptII
 export PTII=`pwd`

Read only svn access is available with:

 svn checkout svn://source.eecs.berkeley.edu/chess/ptII/trunk
 mv trunk ptII

Eclipse instructions can be found at

which is available as


Christopher Brooks (cxh at eecs berkeley edu) University of California
Chess Executive Director                      US Mail: 337 Cory Hall #1774
Programmer/Analyst Chess/Ptolemy/Trust        Berkeley, CA 94720-1774
ph: 510.643.9841 fax:510.642.2718             (office: 400A Cory)
home: (F-Tu) 707.665.0131 (W-F) 510.655.5480  

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