Hi Edward,

In my mail I just mentioned a simple example to illustrate what I am looking
for. Actually I have two combo boxes in the config dialog box. I want the
list of one combo box to change depending on the value selected in the first
combo box.

I am trying to dynamically update the drop down lists which currently is
visible only after pressing "Commit" button.


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At 02:27 AM 7/22/2008, Sapan AGARWAL wrote:
>Hi ,
>I am trying to update one of the configurable parameters based on the value
of another Parameter.For this, within the actor I have implemented the
attributeChanged() function which checks if the first parameter has changed.
If yes, then I update the second Parameter. But this change is only
reflected when I hit the Commit Button and reopen the config dialog box. 
>e.g, If y=0, I set x =2
>If y=1 , I set x = 5
>Is it possible to update the Parameters dynamically without reopening the
config dialog box? 

Why not give this value for x:

  y == 0 ? 2 : 5

Then Ptolemy will take care of the update for you...


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