Hi All,
I am facing a problem related to updation of choices in a combo box. I have
an actor which has 2 parameters. Each parameter is displayed as a combo box
with 5 choices each.
I want second combo box to update its list of choices depending on what the
user has selected in first combo box.
For eg: In 1st combo box user selects "Country Name" then in second combo
box must update its lits of choices to "States" of that country, and allow
user to select the stae as well.

I tried using RemoveAllChoices() in attributeChange() but the effect is not
visible immediately. I have to close the configuration dialog box and then
re-open it to see the updated list in second combo box.
Is there anything which I can do to handle this issue? Or I am missing out
some thing?

Avneet Kapoor

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