I am looking at how I might represent an N dimensional array in the ptolemy data model.

There is an obvious mapping for 1D (ArrayToken) and 2D (MatrixToken) arrays. But when I look at what I might do to map higher dimensions I get stopped by my lack of knowledge regarding the way that users expect to see data represented in ptolemy/kepler.

I imagine I could make ArrayTokens whose members are ArrayTokens whose members are ArrayTokens whose...


I could use nested RecordTokens in much the same way.

Which is preferable?

There is a RecordDisassembler actor that could probably pick apart the later, but the former seems to better preserve the semantic relationships of the dimensions.

Ultimately I suppose the question is: Are there any actors in the library that are designed to deal with either construct? Or are multidimensional arrays a relatively foreign type of data organization in ptolemy/kepler?



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