I'm currently using Ptolemy in a "batch" mode in the sense that I loop several 
time a Ptolemy model to converge to a solution.
To do that I have a class (convergeEngine) which does a
new MoMLSimpleApplication(moMlFileVal);
The moMlFileVal contains a Customized actor fired() several hundred time. At 
each fire() I produce outputs to a file (myOutFile.txt)
When the  moMlFileVal has finished its execution I retrieve the content of the 
myOutFile.txt, modify the moMlFileVal and restart a new 

My problem is the following:
Has I don't know how to be call-back when the model (moMlFileVal) finishes its 
execution, I need to open(in append mode) and close myOutFile.txt several 
thousand times which affect seriously the performance...
If I could be called-back when the model finishes, I could open the 
myOutFile.txt when it starts (initialize()) and close it only at the end ..

How can I do that ?

Thanks for your support


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