Hi Louis,
The short answer is that to my knowledge, no one is working on a
BerkeleyMadonna actor.

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    I'm confused... Ptolemy has had system dynamics modeling for many years
    (the CT domain, and more recently, the Continuous domain).
    At 11:50 AM 1/31/2008, Louis Macovsky wrote:
    >Is there any work being done to add a system dynamics Actor?
    >I have raised this question about 1.5 yrs ago but I am still hoping to hea
    >that it is someone's project using for example BerkeleyMadonna 
    >http://www.berkeleymadonna.com/ and maybe the more suitable JMadonna which
    >is in development.  I point out JMadonna because I "assume" that its 
    >development would be accessible to Ptolemy and Keppler developers.
    >There is an open source SD application that is a relatively new addition t
    >NetLogo.  Could it be a candidate around which an Actor could be developed
    >In addition to BerkeleyMadonna, I use STELLA http://www.iseesystems.com/ a
    >Vensim http://www.vensim.com/ .  I have not used Simile 
    >http://simulistics.com/ but for a commercial SD package it may be a 
    >candidate to work around.  There are other SD programs but I have not used
    >I am not a programmer, so I do not have the answers and perhaps I am not 
    >even posing the right question(s).
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