Hi Jackie,

sorry, I forgot to mention that I'm using a DDF director.
With "run" I mean a full run of the workflow.
I think I should also mention that what I described happens inside a CompositeActor.


Jackie Man-Kit Leung schrieb:
Hi Frank,

If you are using SDF, then the consumption rate and production rate are supposed to be statically determined, which implies they do not change over iterations (i am guessing that's what you mean by "run"). If you want to have dynamic consumption/production rate, you have two choices. One, you can use a different director. You can use DDF which is a more general MoC. Be aware that it has a different notion of "iteration" than SDF. The second option is to turn on the "allowRateChanges" parameter in the SDF director (it's off by default). This will force the SDF director to recalculate a new schedule between iterations. This is an add-on feature in the Ptolemy II implementation but is actually not part of the SDF original semantics. Be warned.


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in my workflow I'm using a SequenceToArray actor. I want to run the
workflow several times. In the first run, I have a sequence of three
tokens. "3" is sended to the arrayLength PortParameter. In the second
run, I have a sequence of two tokens. Therefore "2" is sended to
arrayLength. But the tokenConsumptionRate of the input port is still 3.
As I have only two tokens in the sequence, the actor is never enabled.
This can't be a desired behaviour (at least it isn't for me). How to
handle this? How can the tokenConsumptionRate be changed?


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