Hello everybody once again. 

I 've managed to run viptos up to a point (without errors that is).
However, when I run a demo I get the attached error.

I installed tinyos-1.x from the cvs, then I created the MoML libraries
corresponding to the Dec 2005 TinyOS RPM release.

After that, I created momlapp which contains the MoML applications.

I set the relevant env variables for PTII, TOSROOT, TOSDIR, PTINYOS_MOMLROOT.

I ran configure, make, make install in $PTII. 

The rest of the required S/W is already installed, as I have tinyos-2.x
running ok on my machine. As a result, nesc is installed in /usr/local/bin and
it is operational. 

I still have the error: "make -c return -2", which is an error code.

Could I have any suggestion please??
I can't believe that it is so difficult for me to fully run viptos. 
What do I miss again??

I would appreciate any answer.

Thanks in advance, 

Eva Kolega 
Phd student
National Technical University of Athens, Greece


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