Hi Paul,

This is because CompositeEntity.getEntity(String) assumes an relative input
name. So if you want to start your search from the toplevel, then you can omit
the toplevel name. I assume, in your case, this would be


Paul Allen wrote:
Here's a newbie question. I haven't been able to figure out how to use CompositeEntity.getEntity() by passing anything other than the simple name of the entity.

E.g. When I parse the attached workflow and ask for toplevel.getEntity("Expression6") I get back an entity. But, when I ask for the entity using the full name of the entity ".parameter-writing-sample-1.Expression6" I get nothing back. Is there any possibility that "Expression6" won't uniquely name my entity? I assume that yes there is a possibility and so that's why I'm trying to use the full name of the entity instead of just the simple name.

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