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> where can I find the newest source code of the diva lib.
> Last version used from Ptolemy is dated 21.04.2003 (diva.jar 1.035.788 
> Bytes)

I've created a snapshot of the Diva tree from April 22, 2003
and made it available on the Ptolemy II 3.0.2 source download page

Both .tar.gz and zip files are available directly:

It is not necessary to download the Diva source files to build
Ptolemy II, Ptolemy II includes diva.jar. Download the diva .tar.gz or
.zip if you are interested in extending the Ptolemy II GUI itself.

   1. Download either diva-22Apr03.tar.gz (1.8 Mb), or (2.5Mb)
   2. Change to the Ptolemy II directory and uncompress them. For

      cd $PTII
      tar -zxf /tmp/diva-22Apr03.tar.gz

   3. Follow the instructions in $PTII/diva/README.txt 

Note that this diva snapshot will build a slightly smaller jar file
than what was shipped: 974201 bytes instead of 1035788 bytes.

One difference is that a few test directories are not included. 
There are minor differences in a few .class files as well.
I'm told that these primarily are caused by local variables being
renamed in the version of diva.jar that was shipped with Ptolemy II

Let me know if you have problems.

The diva home page is on
Note that the diva home page will move to
at somepoint in the not to distant future. 


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