In comp.soft-sys, [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Dave from Dublin) writes:
    I am quite new to Ptolemy and I am working a little in the DE domain. 
    I cannot seem to find an actor that will perform the equivalent of an
    IF statement, i.e. an actor that reads from a single input channel and
    chooses which output port to write to, based on the value read (e.g.
    >5 write to port1, else write to port2).  Is there an actor to do this
    or is there another way to implement this kind of functionality?
    Any help greatly appreciated,

This sounds a bit like Dynamic Dataflow (DDF), which is not supported
in Ptolemy II.  In SDF, having an actor that fires to a different port
depending on its value makes it difficult to figure out the balance

You could try using a Comparator connected to a BooleanSelect or
BooleanSwitch.  Comparator is found under actor library -> logic
BooleanSelect and  BooleanSwitch are found under actor library ->
boolean flow control -> boolean flow control.

Someone else might have a suggestion.


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