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"Keith Jacobs" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> I am building a feedback control system simulation that has a CT
> domain (the plant) embedded inside a DE domain (the controller).  I'm
> having a problem with the CT domain outputting multiple values of its
> analog parameters with the same time stamp.
> I eliminated some of the spurious values by replacing the AddSubtract
> actor with an Expression actor that performed the same function.  I
> assume this is some type of bug with the AddSubtract actor.  However,
> I'm still having a problem with more that one value of a CT parameter
> being generated with the same time stamp.
> I searched the message archive and couldn't find anything on this
> issue.  Any ideas on what the problem is?
> Thanks!
> Keith

Offhand, I'm not sure, so I'm forwarding this on to Ptolemy-Hackers.


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