we are three students from Aalborg University. We are using Ptolemy II for our study project. We encountered a few problems and would like to know if they are constraints of Ptolemy II or if we are just doing things in the wrong way.

1) In expression editor it is normal to assign a value to a variable. In an Expression actor we tried to assign a value to a parameter and it throws a parsing error.
In FSM model, assigning to a parameter (set action) works correctly.

2) We decided to model a block of RAM as an array (FSM model). We put a parameter named RAM and assigned initial values as following:
We encountered a problem while assigning a value to a element of this array (set action "RAM[c]=value", where c is a parameter with integer value). The expression says that it requires <INTEGER> instead of c.

We would be really grateful if anyone could explain these problems


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