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I'm looking for a simple and painless method of generating BER plots under Ptolemy II (SDF model). I experimented with the new RunCompositeActor actor but I couldn't effectively record the last reading of the "BER meter" at the end of the iterations. Maybe there is a better way of doing this?

The doc for RunCompositeActor says:

"If this actor has output ports and the contained model is executed, then upon completion of that execution, if this actor has parameters whose names match those of the output ports, then the final value of those parameters is sent to the output ports. If such a parameter is an instance of Variable (or its derived class Parameter), then its contained token is sent to the output token. Otherwise, if it is an instance of Settable, then a string token is produced on the output with its value equal to that returned by getExpression() of the Settable. Output ports should not be multiports. If they are, then all but the first channel will be ignored. A typical use of this actor will use the SetVariable actor inside to define the value of the output port."

Will this do what you want?


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