Hi Alex,

>> Is there anything newer to act as a starting point for creating x86
>> images with recent PTXdist versions?
> The DistroKit [0].

Thanks for the hint. I had had a quick look at this before, but found
only the platform definitions for arm7a and rpi, and therefore dropped it.

>> Any advice on how to get to an x86 image without creating a new BSP from
>> scratch is appreciated. I'm not new to PTXdist but have only done ARM
>> images so far.
> I currently have some i586 plattform here (because doing some
> experiments with a project which has 32 bit support only and I don't
> fight currently for x86_64 multilib support.) Nevertheless, it's not
> mainline and x86 32 bit system is somewhat deprecated (in my opinion).

I know 32bit x86 embedded is dull, but I really need to work that Atom
Z510 which does not support x86_64. The box does not have a NIC (yet),
so NFS is currently not an option for me.

So your advice would be to take the DistroKit BSP and create a new
platform for my x86 target?


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