Hi Alex, Hi Michael, Hi Juergen,

I am interested in your opinion regarding the iptables

I sent a hack-ish patch to not build tc/m_ipt.c, but there is probably a
better way. Especially if someone needs the iptables support in tc.
(For the tc filter ipt action)

Should we better

1) bite the bullet and always add an iptables dependency


2) modify the Makefile in a way that builds m_ipt.o only if some new
configure flag is set (instead of now where it is built if none of
the existing iptables options are set)
Then we could have optional iptables support. So we always patch
configure and the Makefile and add the option if it is enabled in

What's also interesting to me is that Debian does not depend on
libxtables11, it is only recommended.


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