I discovered after updating to a new version of ptxdist that all of my    
compile output including errors/warnings are now all going to stdout
instead of having the errors/warning going to stderr.

This is causing some problem when I use qtcreator as my IDE because
qtcreator will only filter stderr for errors/warnings to put into the
Issues tab, where one can simply click on the error/warning and be taken  
right to the source line where the error/warning is found. 
I create a small program to demonstrate the problem:
$ cat local_src/testprog/testprog.c
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

#error An error here
int main(int argc, char *argv[])
        printf("Hello World, I'm testprog!\n");


$ ptxdist-2016.10.0 --force targetinstall testprog >/dev/null
make: ***
Error 2

$ ptxdist-2015.08.0 --force targetinstall testprog >/dev/null
testprog.c:4:2: error: #error An error here
 #error An error here
make[1]: *** [testprog] Error 1
make: ***
Error 2

I found that this is being caused by commit

Is there a way that the stderr to stdout redirect could be implemented    
conditionally so that I can still have stderr segregated if I want to?


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