On Wed, Nov 23, 2016 at 09:48:39AM +0100, Alexander Dahl wrote:
> while searching how to build the new documentation (btw: I could not
> find out) I stumbled over the broken help. Results from different
> ptxdist versions:
> The file ptxdist.1.gz is only available in the folders of 2016.08.0 and
> 2016.09.0 and missing in all the others. I usually install like this:
> * go to ptxdist src folder (git clone)
> * git co ptxdist-201?-??-?
> * git clean -dxf
> * ./autogen.sh
> * ./configure
> * make
> * sudo make install
> In the current master no man page is created with a simple `make`, I
> would have to call `make man`, not sure if it gets installed, though,
> didn't test it.

This was a deliberate change and I'm not quite sure how to improve the
I did not want to make rst2man a hard requirement for ptxdist. So all
tarball releases contain the man-page.

I suppose we could create the man page under certain circumstances during
'make'. What should the condition be? If rst2man is found? When working
with a ptxdist git checkout?


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