On Sun, Jul 09, 2017 at 03:09:21PM +0200, Vlastimil Setka wrote:
> after using ptxdist with DistroKit as a reference BSP for a while, I have
> several questions and ambiguities about some dark corners:
> # Is it possible to built some packages into .ipk files, but do not include
> them by default in the image? I thought that the [M] option available in
> menuconfig could be intended for this, but seems it does not work this way.
> Btw, what the [M] option really do differently from [*]?

With no collection [M] and [*] behave the same way. With a collection, you
enable or disable the packages marked as [M]. So by choosing a collection
you can enable or disable groups of packages. This can be done globally as
Alexander described, or for an image. Or you can use a collection for an
image. This is actually described in the documentation. Just search for
'collection' in the docs/ directory.

> # (maybe extension of previous question) How to manage ptxdist configuration
> for multiple boards sharing the same CPU architecture and all base packages?
> Some boards needs some additional packages for specific HW, or specific
> application cases. Or the requirement could be to have minimal image and
> full-featured image for the same board. It would be nice to have some way
> how to build multiple images -- with multiple different _rootfs_ images --
> with different package (and maybe additional files) sets.

As mentioned above, you can use collections for an image. Just create a new
rootfs image and collection for each board.
There are some limitations:
 - The collections only work with packages not sub-options.
 - It must be possible to build all packages in one go, so there cannot be
   conflicting header files.

If you use NFS root: Search for _NFSROOT in the documentation. You can
create a separate NFS root for each collection.

> # How the ${PTXDIST_BSP_AUTOVERSION} works? With current DistroKit from git,
> I'm allways getting "OSELAS(R)-DistroKit-????.??.?-?-g76e1280aca97-dirty-1 /
> v7a-????.??.?-?-g76e1280aca97-dirty". Similar problem with ???? version is
> in the doc files built from current git. Maybe some tag is missing in the
> git?

PTXDIST_BSP_AUTOVERSION uses 'git describe'. This needs annotated (or
signed) tags. And it expects the tags to be named: SomeTagPrefix-YYYY.MM.n
(<year>.<month>.<bugfixversion>) similar to the ptxdist tags.


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