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I tried to use the current v4.13-rc1 kernel today, but apparently this
does not work out of the box just setting PTXCONF_KERNEL_VERSION to
4.13-rc1. On https://www.kernel.org/ you can get a gz packed tarball
from the URL https://git.kernel.org/torvalds/t/linux-4.13-rc1.tar.gz
or if you go to the kernel.org cgit from
but both are gz, not xz. Additionally looking at rules/kernel.make
there seems to be some script magic to get a kernel tarball from some
mirror, so I can not simply add one of those URLs to the make rule.

I will use a custom kernel tree like described in doc chapter 6.1 for
now, but I would appreciate a simpler solution for using rc kernels
just from a tarball. Any hints on that?


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