Am Freitag, 11. August 2017, 10:04:02 schrieb Alexander Dahl:
> +     @$(call targetinfo)
> +     @cd $(LIGHTTPD_DIR) && \
> +             $(LIGHTTPD_PATH) $(LIGHTTPD_MAKE_ENV) \
> +             $(MAKE) $(LIGHTTPD_INSTALL_OPT)
> +     install -D -m 644 "$(LIGHTTPD_DIR)/doc/config/conf.d/mime.conf" \
> +             "$(LIGHTTPD_PKGDIR)/etc/lighttpd/conf.d/mime.conf"
> +     @$(call touch)

This does not work as expected. I took this from the 
documentation/ref_manual. Removing the @ before cd I get this:

cd /home/adahl/Work/bsp/foo/platform-bar/build-target/lighttpd-1.4.45 && 

Seems like those note in the documentation is misleading? When playing 
with ptxdist print I get something for LIGHTTPD_DIR, which is defined in 
rules/lighttpd.make and for LIGHTTPD_PKGDIR, which is probably defined 
somewhere outside. LIGHTTPD_PATH, LIGHTTPD_MAKE_ENV, and 
LIGHTTPD_INSTALL_OPT however are empty, so no `make install` is called 

I tried to find out how other rules do this, and could just find usb-
modeswitch.make and qt4.make doing something like this:

        @$(call install, QT4)


        @$(call world/install, USB_MODESWITCH)

I assume this can be used to replace the failing three lines, but what's 
the difference? This is not in the manual, is it? Some other packages 
use $(call install, …) and yet other packages $(call world/install, …) 
but none of those autoconf and @package@_INSTALL_OPT?

If somebody points me to a solution, I'll send a v2.


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