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On Thursday 28 September 2017 15:12:34 Ian Abbott wrote:
> > We have a platform application and one to three dynamic libraries
> > that, if present, are loaded into the platform to extend its
> > functionality. The finished product with be sold in three grades, base
> > advanced and full. The base version should only contain the platform
> > application, and base dynlib, the advanced version should only contain
> > the platform application, and base + advanced dynlibs, ...
> >
> > Our idea now is to have three ptxdist packages that depend on the
> > platform application package:
> > - base pkg: contains only the base dynlib
> > - advanced pkg: contains only the base + adv dynlibs
> > - full pkg: contains only the base + adv + full dynlibs
> >
> > When we compile the rootfs we want all three packages built, but
> > initially none installed on the rootfs. Is this possible somehow?
> Perhaps you could use the "collections" feature.

Sounds like a job for LAZY_PACKAGES instead: Define three lazy packages with 
different library content and then create three different filesystem 
images, each includes one of the three lazy packages. Lazy packages are no 
regular rootfs content. They need to be explicitly listed in the package 
list for an filesystem image.

Unfortunately the LAZY_PACKAGES feature isn't documented yet. I'm working on 
it, but its not finished yet.


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