On Thu, Oct 26, 2017 at 03:48:46PM -0400, Sandy Patterson wrote:
> I am attempting to specify a host compiler via the file
> ~/.ptxdist/ptxdistrc-2015.02
> I think this is ptxdist setup developer options.
> I expected ptxdist to use these compilers to build host-* packages, but
> instead it is using gcc and g++.
> I'm including a patch which behaves more the way I expect below. Would you
> guys care to comment on how I should have done this? I would like to build
> my firmware on different ubuntu versions which come with different
> compilers.

It should work as is. The 'gcc' from HOSTCC should be
platform-XXX/sysroot-host/lib/wrapper/gcc. That's a script that will add
extra options and then call platform-XXX/sysroot-host/lib/wrapper/real/gcc.
This should be a symlink to ${PTXCONF_SETUP_HOST_CC}.

Where exactly does it use the wrong compiler?


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