Hi there,

I just added new platform (at91) to my BSP and configured at91bootstrap

Problem is that PTXDist-2017.10 produces way too large binary:
2099622 at91sam9260ek-dataflashboot-barebox-3.8.9.bin
while correct size is:
   2470 at91sam9260ek-dataflashboot-barebox-3.8.9.bin

Problem turned out to be ld-wrapper script or something it calls.
Just replacing ld-wrapper in ptxdist-2017.10.0/scripts/wrapper to point
directly to arm-v5te-linux-gnueabi-ld is enough to solve problem.
Does anyone clue where to look? Call path is:
sysroot-host/lib/wrapper in $PATH where
arm-v5te-linux-gnueabi-ld -> ptxdist-2017.10.0/scripts/wrapper/ld-wrapper

Thank you,

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