I'm happy to announce that I've just released ptxdist-2017.11.0.

There are no big changes this time. There are some documentation
improvements and some more license information.
Other than that it's just the usual mix of new packages version bumps
and bug fixes.

Thanks to all contributors and - as always - the shortlog below.

Michael Olbrich

Alexander Dahl (3):
      libnet: upgrade from 1.1.4 to 1.1.6
      tz: Upgrade from 2017b to 2017c
      mosquitto: Add new package

Baeuerle, Florian (1):
      systemd: fix condition for installing vconsole.conf

Bastian Stender (1):
      iperf3: new package

Clemens Gruber (6):
      dbus: version bump 1.10.22 -> 1.10.24
      libnl3: version bump 3.2.29 -> 3.3.0
      nginx: version bump 1.12.1 -> 1.12.2
      util-linux-ng: version bump 2.30.1 -> 2.30.2
      util-linux-ng: add lsblk tool
      libpng: version bump 1.6.29 -> 1.6.34

Jan Luebbe (2):
      e2fsprogs: install headers and host tools
      krb5: add MIT Kerberos package

Juergen Borleis (11):
      atop: add license information
      fcgi: add license information
      host-lzop: add license information
      lcms: add license information
      memtest: add license information
      glibc: add license information from selected toolchain
      gcclibs: add license information from selected toolchain
      host tool checks: fix group assignment
      Doc: avoid syntax highlighting by accident
      Doc: improve the reference manual part
      Doc: define the 'xelatex' as the tool to be used

Jörn Heissler (1):
      Fix security issue in logrotate script

Ladislav Michl (2):
      modemmanager: version bump 1.6.8 -> 1.6.10
      at91bootstrap2: add wrapper blacklist

Lucas Stach (1):
      alsa-lib: add largefile support

Michael Olbrich (11):
      wpan-tools: version bump 0.6 -> 0.7
      libmxml: version bump 2.6 -> 2.11
      wpa_supplicant: add security fixes
      hostapd: add security fixes
      ipkg-check-equal: compare the content of 'control' except the version
      toolchain-*.cmake: improve search path handling
      openssl: version bump 1.0.2l -> 1.0.2m
      configure_helper.py: add meson support
      add macros to simplify meson options
      ptxd_make_dts_dtb: redirect warning to the logfile for quiet builds
      poppler: fix dependencies for gobject-introspection

Roland Hieber (8):
      php5: don't build a SAPI module by default
      libpaper: new package: system-wide papersize configuration
      qpdf: new package: PDF inspection library and tools
      poppler-data: new package: optional encoding data for poppler
      poppler: version bump 0.18.0 -> 0.60.1
      cups: new package: Common Unix Printing System
      host-cups: new package: CUPS host tools
      cups-filters: new package: additional filters and backends for CUPS

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