Hello Michael,

thanks a lot for the tip!

It was the modules compression which was turned on ...

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On Wed, Nov 22, 2017 at 12:27:28PM +0000, Matthias Klein wrote:
I am working on a kernel update from 4.4 to 4.14 in our ptxdist 2016.04
 based BSP.

 The kernel builds fine, but the modules.dep file is zero bytes long.
 I updated libkmod.make from version 22 to 24, but that did not help.

When I run the depmod from sysroot-host/sbin/ by hand it finds no symbols:

 ./depmod -a -n -b ~/bsp/platform-xxx/root 4.14.1-00003-gb5f7a9a47e0b
 # Aliases extracted from modules themselves.
 # Soft dependencies extracted from modules themselves.
 # Aliases for symbols, used by symbol_request().

If I run the same with the old 4.4 path I get a lot of symbols / output
 ./depmod -a -n -b ~/bsp/platform-xxx/root 4.4.79

 Does anyone have an idea what could be wrong, or what I can check?

Does it work with 'depmod' from your host system? Maybe you enabled module
compression fo 4.14? That's currently disabled in host-libkmod.


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