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     Doc: improve the 'build the docs' documentation
Signed-off-by: Juergen Borleis <j...@pengutronix.de>
  doc/including_bsp_doc.inc | 101 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-----------------
  1 file changed, 64 insertions(+), 37 deletions(-)

diff --git a/doc/including_bsp_doc.inc b/doc/including_bsp_doc.inc
index c24e40e27a24..f1f65ff48acc 100644
--- a/doc/including_bsp_doc.inc
+++ b/doc/including_bsp_doc.inc
@@ -1,42 +1,17 @@
-Integrate project specific Documentaion into the Manual
+The PTXdist User Manual


+Using a Python virtual environment
+*Sphinx* is *Python* based and thus can be installed via a virtual environment
+when not globally present in the host system.
+.. code-block:: text
+   $ pip3 install --upgrade --user pip virtualenv

Is there a "$ virtualenv env/" missing here? Or how is the virtualenv expected to come into existence?

 - Roland

+   $ source env/bin/activate
+   $ pip3 install sphinx
+   $ pip3 install sphinx_rtd_theme
+.. note:: Whenever you want to create the PTXdist user manual, you must first
+   source the ``env/bin/activate`` file if not already done.
  Building the Documentation
@@ -56,7 +47,7 @@ documentation from the sources. The command: -::
+.. code-block:: text
$ ptxdist docs-html @@ -65,13 +56,49 @@ file for this kind of documentation is ``Documentation/html/index.html``. The command: -::
+.. code-block:: text
$ ptxdist docs-latex will build the Latex based documentation which results into the final
  *Portable Document Format* document. This result can be found in
Both commands can be executed in the BSP or the toplevel PTXdist directory
  to create the BSP specific or generic documentation respectively.
+Integrate project specific Documentation into the Manual
+PTXdist supports the ability to integrate project specific documentation
+into the final PTXdist manual. To do so, PTXdist handles file replacements and
+additions, while generating the documentation.
+File replacement is working in the same manner like for all other files in
+a PTXdist based project: a local file with the same name superseds a global 
+from PTXdist.
+With this mechanism we can replace existing PTXdist documentation or add new 
+If we want to add a new global section to the manual we can copy the global
+PTXdist ``doc/index.rst`` file into our local ``doc/`` directory and adapt it
+To change or add things less intrusive we can do it on the various ``*.inc``
+files in the PTXdist's ``doc/`` directory which define the content of the
+For example to change the image createn section's content, we can copy the
+global PTXdist ``doc/user_images.inc`` into our local ``doc/`` directory and
+adapt it to the behaviour of our project.
+In the generic documentation source many text uses variables instead of fixed
+content. These variables are filled with values extracted from the current 
+project prior building the final documentation. Since PTXdist projects are 
+to a defined PTXdist version and toolchain version, this kind of information is
+extracted from the current settings and substituted in the documentation. This
+behaviour ensures the documentaiton includes the project's exact definition to
+external dependencies.
+Refer the PTXdist file ``doc/conf.py`` for more information on variable
+substitution. This PTXdist global file can be superseded by a local copy as 

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