Hi Alexander,

On Wednesday 06 December 2017 08:17:25 Alexander Dahl wrote:
> > I'm not quite sure if this is the right place ("The content on
> > public.pengutronix.de is mostly temporary, so it might vanish into thin
> > air any time"), but the original link is now dead and this one works.
> > Otherwise I did not find any reference to the toolchains on the new
> > PTX homepage.
> I always built this from Git in the past:
> https://git.pengutronix.de/cgit/OSELAS.Toolchain/
> Not sure if that's appropriate for the documentation, though.
> Besides: does ptxdist work with other toolchains? Does anyone use
> other toolchains on a regular basis?

At least it works, refer "Using existing Toolchains from different Vendors" 
in the PTXdist docs.


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