Hi all,

I am trying to create a ptxdist package for mediastreamer2. By default,
releases come without a configure script, and with an autogen.sh that
requires intltoolize.

So I first tried the following:

In mediastreamer2.in:


In mediasteamer2.make:

@$(call targetinfo)
@$(call clean, $(MEDIASTREAMER2_DIR))
@$(call extract, MEDIASTREAMER2)
cd $(MEDIASTREAMER2_DIR) && [ -f configure ] || sh autogen.sh
@$(call patchin, MEDIASTREAMER2)
@$(call touch)

However, this does not work because apparently ptxdist resolves
dependencies after the extract stage, so when autogen.sh is run, the
host-intltool package has not been installed yet.

So I tried to run autogen.sh from the extract.post stage instead:

@$(call targetinfo)
cd $(MEDIASTREAMER2_DIR) && [ -f configure ] || sh autogen.sh
@$(call touch)

This way, host-intltool is installed before autogen.sh is run, so that part
work. But this creates other problems: The install stage fails when trying
to relink some libraries.

What is the proper way to do this?

Thank you,

Guillermo Rodriguez Garcia
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