I'm happy to announce that I've just released ptxdist-2018.02.0.
There is nothing special this time. Just the usual mix of new packages,
version bumps and bugfixes.

Thanks to all contributors and - as always - the shortlog below.

Michael Olbrich

Alexander Dahl (2):
      u-boot: Add wrapper blacklist
      logrotate: Create directory for state file

Alexander Stein (1):
      host-lz4: Do not build a target binary

Andreas Schmidt (2):
      rootfs: fix select busybox feature shadow/passwords
      bash: add creation of /usr/bin/sh link

Bastian Stender (4):
      host-cython3: new package
      python3-aiofiles: new package
      libyaml: new package
      python3-pyyaml: new package

Clemens Gruber (24):
      coreutils: version bump 8.27 -> 8.29
      cryptsetup: version bump 1.7.5 -> 2.0.0
      e2fsprogs: version bump 1.43.6 -> 1.43.8
      expat: version bump 2.2.4 -> 2.2.5
      host-meson: version bump 0.43.0 -> 0.44.0
      iproute2: version bump 4.13 -> 4.14.1
      json-c: version bump 0.12.1 -> 0.13
      kexec-tools: version bump 2.0.14 -> 2.0.16
      libsodium: version bump 1.0.11 -> 1.0.16
      lvm2: version bump 2.02.66 -> 2.02.177
      mpg123: version bump 1.25.6 -> 1.25.8
      nano: version bump 2.8.4 -> 2.9.2
      ninja: version bump 1.7.2 -> 1.8.2
      nginx: update pkg-config patches from buildroot
      strace: version bump 4.18 -> 4.20
      trace-cmd: version bump 2.6.1 -> 2.6.2
      u-boot-tools: version bump 2017.07 -> 2018.01
      util-linux-ng: version bump 2.30.2 -> 2.31.1
      libassuan: version bump 2.4.3 -> 2.5.1
      libgcrypt: version bump 1.8.1 -> 1.8.2
      npth: new package
      gnupg: version bump 2.0.30 -> 2.2.4
      dbus: version bump 1.10.24 -> 1.12.2
      protobuf: version bump 3.3.2 -> 3.5.1

David Jander (4):
      python3-transitions: new package
      python3-websockets: new package
      python3-hbmqtt: new package
      python3-pyalsaaudio: new package

Jan Luebbe (1):
      stress-ng: add new package

Marc Kleine-Budde (2):
      libxml2: version bump 2.9.4 -> 2.9.7
      libarchive: version bump 3.1.2 -> 3.3.2

Michael Olbrich (33):
      dconf: move to staging
      configure_helper.py: default to autoconf if not tool is configured
      iproute2: cleanup rules
      dbus: avoid unnecessary dependencies
      systemd: version bump 236 -> 237
      kexec-tools: cleanup and fix building on PPC
      beep: add missing series
      bridge-utils: remove all references to the kernel-header package
      busybox: don't select KERNEL_HEADER
      oprofile don't select KERNEL_HEADER
      gst-plugins-base1: remove unnecessary dependency
      e2fsprogs: add upstream patch to fix building on PPC
      gst-libav1: make sure nasm is used
      slang: improve
      libnewt: improve
      gnutls: remove unnecessary dependency
      networkmanager: sync systemd service file with latest upstream version
      networkmanager: improve unmanage service
      autotools/templates: add missing world/patchin/post command
      python3-pyside: cleanup and fix variables
      python3-pyside: conflicts with pyside
      ptxd_make_image_init: redirect images generation output to the logfile in 
quiet mode
      doc: the toolchain is installed to /opt not opt/
      template-barebox: move installing to IMAGEDIR to targetinstall
      busybox: set correct architecture for x86
      nfsutils: add upstream patch to fix building with gcc 7.x
      mgetty: fix building with gcc 7.x
      gmake: move to staging
      logrotate: fix building with gcc 7.x
      openssl: drop no-symbolic patch
      host-libelf: new package
      kernel: add option to depend on host-libelf
      template-barebox: fix & update wrapper blacklist

Michael Tretter (1):
      scripts: fix position sensitive options for tar 1.30

Pim Klanke (4):
      python3-async-timeout: new package
      python3-multidict: new package
      python3-yarl: new package
      python3-aiohttp: version bump 0.21.4 -> 1.2.0

Robin van der Gracht (4):
      python3-ply: new package
      python3-shiboken: new package
      host-python3-shiboken: new package
      python3-pyside: new package

Roland Hieber (1):
      doc: environment: update link to toolchain download

Uwe Kleine-K├Ânig (1):
      i2c-tools: version bump 3.1.2 -> 4.0

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