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On Sun, Feb 18, 2018 at 03:00:22PM -0500, Jon Ringle wrote:
> I built the arm-v5te toolchain, and it built:
> oselas.toolchain-2018.02.0-arm-v5te-linux-gnueabi-gcc-7.3.1-glibc-2.27-binutils-2.30-kernel-4.15-sanitized_2018.02.0-0ptx1~bpo14.04+1_amd64.deb

So you probably used Ubuntu 14.04?

> But on https://debian.pengutronix.de/debian/pool/main/o/oselas.toolchain/ I
> see:
> oselas.toolchain-2018.02.0-arm-v5te-linux-gnueabi-gcc-7.3.1-glibc-2.27-binutils-2.30-kernel-4.15-sanitized_2018.02.0-0ptx1_amd64.deb
> oselas.toolchain-2018.02.0-arm-v5te-linux-gnueabi-gcc-7.3.1-glibc-2.27-binutils-2.30-kernel-4.15-sanitized_2018.02.0-0ptx1~bpo8+1_amd64.deb
> oselas.toolchain-2018.02.0-arm-v5te-linux-gnueabi-gcc-7.3.1-glibc-2.27-binutils-2.30-kernel-4.15-sanitized_2018.02.0-0ptx1~bpo9+1_amd64.deb
> What is the cause for the difference in `bpo8+1`, `bpo9+1` and the
> `bpo14.04+1` in the filename?

From my personal analysis I think, this is spread over several files
in OSELAS.Toolchain repository. In `rules/image-toolchain-deb.make`
IMAGE_TOOLCHAIN_DEB_VERSION_EXT is set by a function defined in
`scripts/lib/ptxd_make_debian_version_ext.sh`. This gets ${VERSION_ID}
from your build host `/etc/os-version`, which is 8 for Debian jessie,
9 for Debian stretch and probably 14.04 for the Ubuntu you are using,
so it depends on the build host. I would guess the 'bpo' means
something like 'backports', at least Debian backports uses similar

The rest of those version numbers is like this: Something creates the
file `.tarball-version`, maybe it's just included in the tarball, not
in Git repository. In `rules/image-toolchain-deb.make` the script
`scripts/setlocalversion` is called with that as a parameter, which
probably outputs some version from Git, if using the Git repo instead
of a tarball. This is assigned to IMAGE_TOOLCHAIN_DEB_VERSION in
`rules/image-toolchain-deb.make` … yes I think this is it.

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