On Wed, Mar 07, 2018 at 06:18:39PM +0100, Guillermo Rodriguez Garcia wrote:
> I want to keep to different "vendor" kernels in my ptxdist BSP, and both
> are based on the same upstream kernel version, say 4.1.
> How can I keep both of these kernels in the configs/<platform>/.. tree?
> I tried just given them different names , e.g.:
> configs/platform/kernelconfig-4.1-foo
> configs/platform/kernelconfig-4.1-bar
> configs/platform/patches/linux-4.1-foo/...
> configs/platform/patches/linux-4.1-bar/...
> And then select either 4.1-foo or 4.1-bar using ptxdist platformconfig.
> However this does not work, as ptxdist will then try to download an
> upstream kernel with version "4.1-foo" or "4.1-bar", which obviously fails.
> Any hints?

You could set the version in the platformconfig to 4.1 and use symlinks to
configs/platform/kernelconfig-4.1 -> kernelconfig-4.1-foo
configs/platform/patches/linux-4.1 -> linux-4.1-foo

You could use the kernel template to build both kernels at the same time.
You'll need to tweak the rules a bit:

KERNEL_FOO              := linux-$(KERNEL_FOO_VERSION)-foo

You won't be able to use the kernel-url macro, just use a normal URL.
Basically, KERNEL_FOO must contain the '-foo' because the patch dir is
derived from this. And KERNEL_FOO_URL and KERNEL_FOO_SOURCE must point to
the upstream tarball.


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