El mié., 25 mar. 2020 a las 19:44, Roland Hieber
(<r...@pengutronix.de>) escribió:
> > +IMX_UUC_VERSION    := d6afb27e55d73d7ad08cd2dd51c784d8ec9694dc
> Nitpick: I don't know how picky opkg-based systems are with having
> monotonically increasing version numbers, but in case someone uses them
> to update software, you could make them happy by providing a fake
> 'git describe' tag as a version:

It is picky, and will refuse to upgrade if the version number seems to
be lower than whatever is currently installed.
So yes, the package version should be monotonically increasing and not
simply a commit hash.

When I face this case in my own packages I normally define two
different varaibles, e.g.:

IMX_UUC_GIT_TAG := d6afb27e55d73d7ad08cd2dd51c784d8ec9694dc

and then use IMX_UUC_VERSION everywhere except in the URL:

IMX_UUC_URL        :=


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