- 1/3 use tabs for defines, suggested by Roland Hiebler
 - 1/3 add dummy version before git hash, suggested by Michael Olbricht,
       Roland Hiebler and Guillermo Rodriguez Garcia
 - 1/3 remove obsolete CREDITS reference, suggested by Roland Hiebler
 - 3/3 version bump to 1.3.154
 - 3/3 write .tarball-version in extract.post, suggested by Michael Olbricht

This patch series adds support for the Freescale/NXP mfgtools 3.0.
You can use them with vanilla kernel and barebox.

There are two known issues:
 - the git downloads => no stable md5 sum
 - the linuxrc provided by imx-uuc uses array syntax

I have a version of the linuxrc script where I replaced the array
stuff with blank separation, but not sure if this should be put as
projectroot/linuxrc in ptxdist.

Here are some examples how to use it. I have tested it with a i.MX6ull EVK
barebox-2020.02.0 and linux-5.4.25.

The command `uuu barebox-image` is equivalent to `imx-usb-loader barebox-image`.

The example
can be done with a `uuu boot.uu` command.
uuu_version 1.0.1
CFG: FB: -chip imx<variant> -pid 0x0104 -vid 0x1d6b
FB: flash kernel linuximage
FB: flash devicetree imx<your-board>.dtb
FB: flash initrd root.cpio.gz
FB: oem exec global linux.bootargs.fa=rdinit=/sbin/init
FB: oem exec bootm
FB: done

To run a shell command a kernel with USB gadgets/functionfs enabled
and imx-uuc install on target is needed.
This is an example of whole USB boot sequence and a command
executed in linux user space.
To see the output of the echo, the command is `uuu -v hello.uu`
uuu_version 1.0.1
SDP: dcd -f barebox-image
SDP: write -f barebox-image -ivt 0
SDP: jump -f barebox-image
CFG: FB: -chip imx<variant> -pid 0x0104 -vid 0x1d6b
FB: flash kernel linuximage
FB: flash devicetree imx<your-board>.dtb
FB: flash initrd root.cpio.gz
FB: oem exec global linux.bootargs.fa=rdinit=/linuxrc
FB: oem exec bootm
FBK: ucmd echo "Hello World"
FBK: done

 .../0001-sh-does-not-support-array-syntax.patch    | 117 +++++++++++++++++++++
 .../series                                         |   4 +
 rules/host-libzip.in                               |   8 ++
 rules/host-libzip.make                             |  11 ++
 rules/host-mfgtools.in                             |  13 +++
 rules/host-mfgtools.make                           |  41 ++++++++
 rules/imx-uuc.in                                   |   7 ++
 rules/imx-uuc.make                                 |  60 +++++++++++
 8 files changed, 261 insertions(+)

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