A couple of specification issues.

1) WebIDL for KeyframeEffect
contains the following

    // Mutable additions to KeyframeEffectReadonly interface
    inherit attribute DOMString spacing;
    void                        setFrames (object frames);

I think that spacing attribute is not an addition to
KeyframeEffectReadonly interface but rather mutable override of its member

2) KeyframeEffectReadonly.clone() returns KeyframeEffect instance. It
should return KeyframeEffectReadonly instance. Otherwise this method
should be moved to KeyframeEffect interface

3) Definition of AnimationTimingReadonly.fill attribute
(http://w3c.github.io/web-animations/#dom-animationtimingreadonly-fill) is
the following:

- If the animation node to which the fill mode is being is applied is an
Use none as the fill mode.
- Otherwise,
Use both as the fill mode.

On level 1 we define only one type of animation node - animation. Does it
makes sense describe fill behavior for non animation nodes here?

Thank you,
Sergey G. Grekhov

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