We just released a new version of BBC Programmes [1] with some nice
RDF for segments of programmes. I thought it would be interesting to
post it here, as it makes a nice new arrow in the linked data cloud,
from BBC Programmes to BBC Music (and from there to DBpedia).

Here are some example RDF documents:

Segments corresponding to a track being played, linking to the
programmes in which this segment happened:
The segmentation of a programme:

This should be working for all Radio 2 / 6 music programmes. Further
services will be handled soon.

Also, content negotiation is coming! We finally got the approval, and
even if it is hacky mod_rewrite based content negotiation, it should
work. (Btw, why are the W3C recipes all mentioning mod_rewrite as a
way to do content negotiation? AFAIK it is impossible to do proper
conneg with it (handling of q values, etc.)).


[1] http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes

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