Hi Ted,

But please ... this time, will there be any effort to make visible
the clustering within the LOD Cloud?  This seems to me one of the
best ways to encourage data set publishers to link out -- and that
*is* important to grow the utility of the *overall* data set.

To date, the only graphic I've seen which shows just how little
overall interconnectedness there is (was) in the LOD Cloud is my
own ... which someone has long since removed from display on the
EWC wiki page with the Cloud-like graphic, and which is certainly
well outdated, but which is still found here --


As for the clustering, you can also have a look at the picture we
plotted with a network analysis tool: http://blog.larkc.eu/?p=1941

Our network file that we created out of the data on the ESW wiki
will also be outdated as soon as the new picture is completed.
I'll make a new version of it with the data on:
With such a file, everyone will be able to plot its own cloud picture
and highlight the different structures he wants to see in it.


Dr. Christophe Guéret (cgue...@few.vu.nl)
Postdoc working on SOKS (http://www.few.vu.nl/soks)
Knowledge Representation&  Reasoning Group
Computational Intelligence Group
Department of Computer Science, AI
VU University Amsterdam

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