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> It occurs to me that one of the main features of the Linked Data community
> is that we *do* things rather than having endless conversations what would
> be the best for the world out there. Heck, this is how the whole thing
> started. A couple of people defining a set of good practices and providing
> data following these practices and tools for it.
> Concluding. If you are serious about this, please go ahead. You have a very
> popular and powerful platform at your hand. Implement it there (and in your
> libraries, such as Moriarty), document it, and others may/will follow.

Yes, actually doing things does help more than talking. I sometimes
wonder whether as a community we're doing all the right things, but
that's another discussion ;)

Your suggestion about forging ahead is a good one, but it also reminds
me of Ian's original question: what would break if we used this

So here's a couple of questions for those of you on the list who have
implemented Linked Data tools, applications, services, etc:

* Do you rely on or require HTTP 303 redirects in your application? Or
does your app just follow the redirect?
* Would your application tool/service/etc break or generic inaccurate
data if Ian's pattern was used to publish Linked Data.



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