Hi all,
This talk might have been seen by some of you; but was certainly new to me:

Much of this is an exploration of how google is making use of freebase's
underlying linked data to better understand what they are crawling -
deriving what something is by examining its attributes; and automatically
creating something like linked data from it.

Additionally; it talks about Google squared - this tool appears to be
heavily powered by freebase data; as well as derived data from the web. I
was fairly impressed by the mix of understanding a user query and rendering
results as actual entities (one of the few non-facet based UIs I have seen).

For instance: "territorial authorities in new zealand"

Whilst this is not using the typical linked data technology stack of RDF,
SPARQL, open licenced data, etc; it certainly shows you what can be done
with data in a graph structure; plus a UI which is a cross between a
spreadsheet and a search result.

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