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The Ontology Engineering Group, within the context of its Linked Data projects, 
is pleased to announce that the datos.bne.es [1] initiative has been launched. 
datos.bne.es is an open initiative aimed at enriching the Web of Data with 
library data from the Spanish National Library. The SPARQL endpoint is 
available at [2].

The RDF generation from MARC 21 records was done using our tool MARiMbA [3], 
which allows non-technical users to work on the mappings from MARC21 metadata 
to RDF using different RDFS/OWL vocabularies.

This initiative is part of the project “Linked data at the BNE”, supported by 
the BNE in cooperation with the Ontology Engineering Group (OEG) at the 
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM).  With this initiative, the BNE takes 
the challenge of publishing bibliographic and authority data in RDF, following 
the Linked Data Principles and under the CC0 (Creative Commons Public Domain 
Dedication) open license. Thereby, Spain joins the initiatives that libraries 
from countries such as the United Kingdom and Germany have recently launched.

Approximately 2.4 million bibliographic records have been transformed into RDF. 
They are modern and ancient monographies, sound-recordings and musical scores. 
Besides, 4 million authority records of persons, corporate names, uniform 
titles and subjects have been transformed. The transformation process has 
generated around 58 million RDF triples and about 600K owl:sameAs links to 
other datasets such as DBPedia or VIAF. More information can be found in the 
DataHub entry [4] 

Best Regards,

Daniel, Asun, and Boris

[1] http://datos.bne.es
[2] http://datos.bne.es/sparql
[3] http://www.oeg-upm.net/index.php/en/downloads/228-marimba
[4] http://thedatahub.org/dataset/datos-bne-es

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