I work on Google Gears team. If you're not familiar with what Gears
is, you can learn more here: http://code.google.com/apis/gears.

We've been working on an API that will allow an application to obtain
(with permission) the user's current location. I posted this to the
WhatWG mailing list, but it was suggested that this might be a more
appropriate place.

Anyway, here's our current design:


We think there's a lot of potential for interesting applications with
a API like this. Some examples would be recommendations for nearby
restaurants, turn by turn directions, or city walking tours.

Are there any other vendors interested in implementing something like
this? If so, we'd like to work together to come up with a standard.
Otherwise, I'll just put this out there for comment for the time
being. We'd appreciate any feedback on the design, one way or the


Aaron Boodman

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