Anne van Kesteren:
>>> The example for [Undefined] should probably say [Null=Null,
>>> Undefined=Null] because just saying [Undefined=Null] doesn't make much
>>> sense.

Cameron McCormack:
>> Because why would you want undefined to map to null, but null to map to
>> "null"?

Anne van Kesteren:
> Yeah, that's seems odd.

OK, changed it.

>> Or because undefined would map to null, which then would in
>> turn map to "null"?  (The latter isn’t my intention.)
> I didn't think of this one, that seems even weirder :-)
> As a data point, for XMLHttpRequest a shorthand for [Null=Null,  
> Undefined=Null] would be nice. That's the only one of this  
> [Null]/[Undefined] madness I need and I have to write it out four times.

Suggestions welcome. :-)

Cameron McCormack ≝

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