Anne van Kesteren:
>> Do you need to flag readonly attributes with [Null]/[Undefined] as well 
>> or does it suffice there that it is clear from the description of the  
>> attribute? I've assumed for now that it is clear from the definition  
>> what needs to be returned and that they do not need special 
>> annotations.

Lachlan Hunt:
> AIUI, [Null] and [Undefined] only affect how null and undefined values  
> that are assigned to a a DOMString attribute, or passed as a parameter,  
> are handled.  Since no value can be assigned to a read only attribute,  
> they don't apply anyway.

Right.  Unlike [NoNull] before, which also was a statement about what an
attribute/operation could return on getting.

Are there any properties/functions that need to return undefined in the
web platform?  (Where “web platform” == the kinds of objects commonly
exposed to script in web browsers, for lack of a better term.)

Cameron McCormack ≝

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