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Hi all,

some more comments:

"typeArg of type DOMString
     This must be one of loadstart, progress, error, abort, load. If it
     is not one of those values then this specification does not define
     the resulting event..."

I'd reword that somehow and definitely remove the "must be" part, since
the type doesn't have to be one of those event types.

Agreed. I changed the wording in my local draft (so will appear in the next editor's draft shortly)

"canBubbleArg of type boolean
     Specifies Event.bubbles. This parameter overrides the intrinsic
     bubbling behavior of the event and determines whether the event
     created will bubble
  cancelableArg of type boolean
     Specifies Event.cancelable. This parameter overrides the intrinsic
     cancel behavior of the event and determines whether the event
     created is cancelable"

I know that is copied from DOM 3 Events draft, but 'intrinsic bubbling behavior' and 'intrinsic cancel behavior' aren't actually defined anywhere. Perhaps should modify that in DOM 3 Events.

That makes sense to me (plus it means I don't need to do anything new ;)

Sentences should end to a .

Changed for the cases noted.

"If the user agent has reliable information about the value of total, then this should be true. If the user agent does not have reliable information about the vale of total, this should be false"
vale -> value and . after false


Missing "informative" for example in chapter
'Using progress events in Web content'


Other comments

Yep. Thanks for the various comments, by the way. It's nice to have the feedback ;)



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